Blackjack Day 2019

We had another great National Blackjack Day on 3:2 2019!  This was our first year with a registered trademark for the name and we saw solid participation from both players and casinos across the country.  We even saw a few casinos in Las Vegas buck the trend and add more 3:2 tables to their properties.  We’ll keep working to increase our impact and footprint as we look forward to 2020.  Thank you to everyone who helped us make this another great year!


National Blackjack Day is a fun project to highlight the biggest and best casino game.  We are also bringing attention to the declining amount of 3:2 payout tables and other changes that have negatively impacted the odds to win and ultimately reduce the enjoyment of the game for both skilled and amateur players.  Welcome to the movement – get out and play blackjack whenever you can and please share your experiences with this community.

March 2nd – 3:2 – was chosen for a very specific reason.  As I, and many other players and industry watchers smarter than me, have been highlighting in recent years more and more casinos are moving away from 3:2 payouts for blackjack and moving to 6:5.  This trend is taking money out of players hands, tilting the odds even further to the house, and eroding the game from it’s once dominant position to just another table on casino floors.

Obviously this isn’t nearly as critical as cancer research, memorializing national heroes, or acknowledging some of the more critical causes that have their own dedicated days.  That being said, if no one stands up and let’s the casino operators know that players are paying attention then we would expect this trend to continue unchecked until the 6:5 payout becomes the norm rather than the exception.

This simple gesture is a way to join the cause and start making a case to the casino companies that 3:2 blackjack is the standard we expect.

Join the movement and celebrate National Blackjack Day on March 2nd #BlackjackDay by playing 3:2 blackjack, sharing your love of the game, and calling on the casino companies to keep 3:2 blackjack tables!