12,000 Blackjack Tables in the U.S.

I’m curious about the entire gaming industry, not just because I’m a blackjack player, but also as a marketer and gaming fan.  One question I ask myself frequently when I’m playing is how many blackjack tables exist either at their casino or in a certain market.

Luckily UNLV Gaming does an amazing job of quantifying in Nevada gaming which makes it easy to keep track of Las Vegas.  It is harder to find numbers across the U.S. and with the growth and change in the industry these numbers are constantly in flux.  Recently I ran across the number 23,783 from World Casino Directory for the total number of table games in the U.S.  I can’t verify this number (at least not immediately, but will keep working)

If we take this number at face value and apply the UNLV numbers for Nevada which show that blackjack is about half of all table games then we get to roughly 12,000 total blackjack tables in the U.S.  I’ll keep working to verify this number, but it feels like a reasonable estimate based on the data I could find in a quick search.

I’ll keep working to find validation for these numbers and anyone who has access to more current or specific data please feel free to correct my estimate.

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