The World Championship of Blackjack – Let’s Make This Happen

I recently watched YouTube videos from the 2010 World Series of Blackjack and it made me curious about how we might bring an updated version to life.  I’ve personally never played in a casino blackjack tournament, but from what I’ve seen they don’t resemble actual blackjack play so we’d suggest handling this like the World Series of Poker and encourage aligning the game as closely to live casino blackjack as possible.  We’d eliminate gimmicks. remove the artificial playing conditions and of course pay 3:2 for blackjack!

Let’s talk some specifics around how this might work.

  1. Multiple games to attract different playing styles with options for single-deck, double-deck and 6-deck shoe.
  2. Buy-in gets all players equal amount of chips
  3. Table rules would be favorable with splits, 3:2, Dealer stay on S17, etc
  4. Levels with minimum bet limits rising every X minutes
  5. Compete against your table and the entire field to progress towards a final-table
  6. Winner is determined once all other players are eliminated

This seems fairly straightforward, I’m not sure how well it plays on TV, will have to check with the PokerGO team to see what their audience says about blackjack.  I believe we’d set-up regional tournaments that start in the winter – maybe they run from December to February across the country and the we hold the finals in Las Vegas at the D on March 2nd for National Blackjack Day.

This is a working plan, your input is welcome and appreciated.  If we, the blackjack players, build this from the ground up we can develop a quality product that will generate excitement for players and casual viewers.  Please provide your comments and we’ll keep working to make this a reality in the coming months and years.

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1 Response to The World Championship of Blackjack – Let’s Make This Happen

  1. Greg Henderson says:

    Please make it happen!


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