A New Blackjack World Record Will Have to Wait Until Next Year

For National Blackjack Day 2018 we sent a petition to the Guinness World Record people for an event on March 2nd at The D Casino to set and establish a new blackjack related world record.  We received the response from Guinness last week after a 3-month wait and at first, it looked good.  The email said that our application was approved.

The team at the D was excited to host us and we were starting to pull together a plan.  Unfortunately, when we dug into the details the Guinness folks assigned our attempt to the wrong category which made completing the record essentially impossible.  We have appealed the decision and Derek Stevens from the D offered to assist with the application process if it would be helpful, which we greatly appreciate.

At this late a date it will be too late to complete the record in 2018 so we will keep pressing the committee to see if we can bring this home in 2019.  Unfortunately, this was our main focus for 2018 so hopefully, the casinos and players will rally their organic support this year while we work to create a memorable event in 2019.

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to seeing you at the tables on March 2nd for National Blackjack Day on 3:2!

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